Vectis plus

The Vectis Multi Point Locks represents the future of door security. Vectis is a unique lock system that combines modern multipoint locking with traditional key entry. The Vectis has been created to overcome the growing security problem arising from the vulnerability of the widely-used profile cylinder as a simple and common means
of attack.

  1. Patented 5-lever mortice technology eliminates the euro cylinder.
  2. 2 The Vectis mortice key system protects you from the vulnerability of cylinder
    bumping, snapping or plug extraction to which conventional locks are subject.
  3. 3 Homesafe’s Vectis Multi Point Locks provide that extra element of security for those seeking peace of mind. The system uses hook bolts to
    protect against the use of crowbars along the locking side of the door; a common access point for would be intruders.
  4. 4 Traditionally styled bespoke handle which has a unique patented shutter system ensuring weather sealing.
  5. 5 Vectis can be keyed alike allowing both front and back door to operate with
    the same key
  6. 6 The Vectis system has a 10-year performance guarantee.

Saracen secure and Thermally assured

The long established Saracen Secure scheme gives you the confidence that all our doors fitted with the Vectis multi-point lock are guaranteed against forced entry.

Having replacement windows or doors fitted will not always guarantee the latest security. Burglars are pretty good at finding the weak points in your windows and doors, but with Saracen’s proven locking system it’s so difficult to break in, we actually guarantee it won’t happen. So, you really feel like you’re home, safe home.

Our Security guarantee gives you peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a claim within 5 years, the Vectis secured door will be repaired/replaced up to a value of £500, with an additional up to £750 paid in compensation direct to you.

At Homesafe Doors we aim to make conforming to the latest standards as easy as possible with our Star rated door system. The recent amendments to Building Regulations Approved Document L stipulate a minimum U value requirement.

We have categorised our Regency door range based on thermal efficiency and security into three easy-to-use levels with some key unique features to give you an easy guide to meet the new standards; ensuring your door is not only Saracen Secure but Saracen Thermally Assured.